A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator used to provide unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. Hydraulic cylinders are used in almost every industry and are available in a variety of con gurations.

The two main types of hydraulic cylinders are tie-rod and welded. Each of these cylinder types can have unique applications due to their designs. Tie-rod cylinders are usually installed in light to medium duty applications and are generally designed to be repaired or re-packed if neces- sary. Welded cylinders are designed for most applications and are more complex in design, but are generally more dif cult to repair due to the welded design. Welded cylinders are typically a better solution due to their compact design and for applications that require a robust design.


The most commonly used mounting options are ange, trunnion, clevis, pin-eye, cross-tube, spherical, and tang. Cylinder mounting is chosen based upon the application’s requirements.


What is the force required in order to move your load? Force is calculated using the formula:

F =P x A

Force (F) equals pressure (P) times the area (A). Area is determined by calculating the surface area of the internal piston. (Note, area for retract is the piston diameter minus the rod diameter.)

The most common questions asked when assisting you with your cylinder selection relate to the following items:

  • Retract dimension (center of pin to center of pin)
  • Stroke length (inches)
  • Mounting types
  • Port size and type (SAE or NPT)
  • Pressure rating (PSI)
  • Bore diameter (inches)
  • Application details


Telescopic cylinders are used when an application requires a compact retracted dimension, but needs a longer stroke. These cylinders are generally single acting and are available in two to ve stages. Common mounting options for telescopic cylinders are trunnion and cross-tube.


Please note that all column loads and shipping weights are in lbs. (unless otherwise noted). Also, bore, stroke, rod diameter, retract, extend, and pin diameter measurements are in inches (unless otherwise noted).

Cylinder Push/Pull Force Angled Cylinder Push/Pull Force
Bore Sizeinches
Rod Diameterinches
Pump PressurePSI
Push Forcelbs.
Pull Forcelbs.
Bore Sizeinches
Rod Diameterinches
Pump PressurePSI
Push Forcelbs.
Pull Forcelbs.

Cylinder Speed
Bore SizeinchesExtension Speedinches per second
Rod DiameterinchesRetraction Speedinches per second
StrokeinchesExtend TimeSeconds
Pump FlowGPMRetract TimeSeconds
Total Cycle TimeSeconds